About us


Our main interest is the outdoors (cycling, cyclecamping, backpacking, hill walking, gardening) and for all of these activities, we’ve needed to buy equipment and clothes. We’ve found many of the shopping comparison sites are lacking in details, such as whether an item is in stock, or included dubious retailers. Annoyingly, often the search engine results gave us sites that did not actually list what we wanted. So we thought we’d start our own comparision site.  In addition to being able to search for items you are interested in using the search box at the top of every page, we are gradually adding buyers’ guides for a variety of items to help you make an informed choice

If you’re interested in cycling in general, or in Cheshire in detail, then you might like our Cheshire Cycleway or Congleton Cycling Campaign sites.

If you’re interested in gardens, there’s our Gardening Masterclass site with gardening tutorials, and also our Garden Makeover Service site with advice.

Finally, some of our photos are for sale as prints via Photos4Art.  More are available from the stock library Alamy).